I have diverse skills – from business to tech. I lead, I strategize, I have a strong financial and legal background, I sell, but I can also code, create websites including HTML/CSS/JS and do SEO. Regardless of the business type – startups, small businesses or enterprise – you do what’s needed. You generate revenue. You look to the future.

  • Excellent at creating order from chaos.
  • Focus on working with leadership to develop strategy, and then ensuring it becomes a shared vision with employees for execution.
  • I understand that modern entrepreneurial businesses need a jack of all trades, especially startups, so I’m progressive and nimble with my approach while bringing in over 25 years of experience in leadership, management, strategy, sales, marketing, product development, market development, M&A, finance, legal, fund raising, exits, business planning, creating boards and other areas.
  • I am successful at building positive relationships with peers and reports while focusing on improving metrics such as revenue, profitability, market penetration and customer satisfaction.
  • Deep technology background including SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, application development, infrastructure, information security and systems in both enterprises and small business. Also intimately familiar with implementing tools such as SalesForce, Jira, Confluence (and other wikis), and processes such as Agile and use case planning.
  • Strong marketing background including content development, design and implementation of websites, and SEO.
  • Led companies to and through fast growth, attaining many awards including Inc 500 and both local and national “Fastest Growing Company” recognition.
  • Significant experience in preparing and leading companies for investment, developing decks, fund raising, pitching, and also in M&A including targeting, due diligence, legal and post-acquisition integration.


I’ve accomplished a significant amount that I’m proud of over the years, but what’s more important is what I’ve accomplished for the companies I’ve worked for and with.


  • Led numerous successful acquisitions and fund raising events, both as buyer and seller and as investor and raiser.
  • Implemented Agile and Lean processes to radically increase quality, efficiency and scalability.
  • Implemented SalesForce, including development of flows, workflow rules, processes, and custom applications with connections to payment processing, ticket systems
  • Turned cost centers into profit centers through revenue acquisition, branding, marketing and process improvement.
  • Rolled out share appreciation agreements to balance the opportunity for employee stakeholding vs. strategic involvement.
  • Built comprehensive outsourcing processes for customer onboarding and professional services.
  • Designed and initiated SaaS solution development, including use case development, resource acquisition (internal and external), planning (including pricing models) and application developer management.
  • Development of quality controls around customer management, content development, product delivery and more.
  • Design and implementation of KPIs, metrics and controls to track and manage successes and failures of strategic and operational initiatives.
  • Management of cash flow and processes during times of fast growth, including lender identification and relationship management.


  • Visionary, Strategy, Execution & Leadership
  • P/L & Performance Improvement
  • Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures
  • Startup, Turnaround, Change
  • Capitalization Strategies
  • Due Diligence & Negotiations
  • Financial & Legal Transactions
  • Purchasing & Negotiating Skills
  • Customer Success


  • Marketing, Branding, Sales
  • SEO
  • Partner Development and Management
  • Customer Service and Customer Management
  • Growth Management & Business Development
  • Product Development & Rollout
  • SalesForce
  • Jira (including process implementation)
  • Javascript/PHP
  • Linux Deployment and Admin
  • XaaS (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, etc.)
  • Infrastructure/Information Security
  • Technology Planning



  • Services sales and marketing to SMB (5-200 employees)
  • Services sales and marketing to Enterprise (200-30,000 employees)
  • SaaS sales and marketing to enterprise (200-30,000 employees)
  • Product sales and marketing to SMB and Enterprise



  • Services sales and marketing to SMB (5-200 employees)
  • Services sales and marketing to Enterprise (200-30,000 employees)
  • SaaS sales and marketing to enterprise (200-30,000 employees)
  • Product sales and marketing to SMB and Enterprise



  • Consulting services delivery to SMB (5-200 employees)
  • Consulting services delivery to Enterprise (200-30,000 employees)
  • SaaS delivery to enterprise (200-30,000 employees)
  • Product delivery to SMB and Enterprise



  • SalesForce (Develop/Setup/Admin/Mgmt/Use)
  • SalesForceIQ (Develop/Setup/Admin/Mgmt/Use)
  • Jira (Setup/Admin/Mgmt/Use)
  • Confluence (Setup/Admin/Mgmt/Use)
  • Zapier (Admin/Mgmt/Use)
  • Intercom (Setup/Admin/Mgmt/Use)
  • FreshDesk (Setup/Admin/Mgmt/Use)
  • Segment (Setup/Admin/Mgmt/Use)
  • (Setup/Admin/Mgmt/Use)


  • MailChimp / HootSuite / SEMRush / AHREFs
  • WordPress (Develop/Setup/Admin/Mgmt/Use)
  • Google Analytics / Search Console / AdWords
  • Hosting Environments: AWS, RackSpace, Linode
  • Microsoft Excel (Including PivotTables)
  • Advanced PowerPoint / Word
  • Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign / Acrobat Pro
  • Operating Systems: Win / Ubuntu (including Setup/Admin/Mgmt)
  • Languages: PHP, some JavaScript plus HTML5/CSS


Executive Vice President of Operations and Finance
October 2016 – Present

SureDone is a leading SaaS provider of omnichannel e-Commerce listing and order management. SureDone provides a single location to manage products and inventory levels with powerful yet simple listing and order reconciliation across a variety of channels (i.e. eBay, Amazon, Etsy, BigCommerce, Magento and more). 

As EVP of Operations and Finance, my responsibilities include:

  • Second in command of the company and senior member of the leadership team responsible for strategy and operational implementation.
  • Responsible for overall finance, operational efficiency, plus customer success, customer service and customer onboarding departments. Secondary responsibilities include management of marketing and oversight of the product and development teams.
  • Analyze and refine our companywide processes and manage company growth and performance.
  • Define, develop, monitor and proactively react to metrics and key performance indicators.
  • Manage operational and strategic finances, including cash flow, income and balance sheet.
  • Work with the CEO to develop and execute fundraising strategies.

Vice President of Customer Success
October 2015 – October 2016

SureDone is a leading SaaS provider of omnichannel e-Commerce listing and order management. SureDone provides a single location to manage products and inventory levels with powerful yet simple listing and order reconciliation across a variety of channels (i.e. eBay, Amazon, Etsy, BigCommerce, Magento and more). 

As Vice President of Customer Success, my responsibilities included:

  • Be part of the leadership team providing growth, operational and strategy development to this rapidly growing SaaS company in their next phase of development.
  • Overall responsibility and management of the Onboarding, Training, Tier 1 and Tier 3 Support and Account Management groups to ensure our platform, services and support are aligned with our customer’s objectives and mission
  • Responsibility of developing new processes and approaches to make the onboarding and support processes more efficient and effective while improving the level of customer touch they provide
  • Responsibility for identifying root causes for customer churn and implementing new methods to improve customer retainment
  • Lead various strategic business development, marketing, technology, finance, HR, process, and operational activities.
  • Implemented SalesForce to manage the customer lifecycle from marketing to sales to onboarding – creating the “one source of truth” for all customer information. Includes significant custom development, process implementation and integration with external tools such as support desk and finance.
  • Successes included comprehensive outsourcing including processes, communications and management of onboarding and professional services; Leading the creation of customer facing documentation and support for the SaaS application; Design and implementation of learning management; Complete overhaul of customer service, success and onboard processes to radically improve efficiency and decrease cost.

Chief Strategy Officer
Ithos Global
January 2015 – September 2015

Ithos Global is a leading enterprise software solutions provider with a startup approach focused on international regulatory compliance reporting throughout product lifecycles in the cosmetic, chemical, consumer packaged goods and food industries. By combining regulatory compliance content, and advanced information indexing and retrieval techniques with product lifecycle management (PLM) applications, Ithos Global improves speed to product launch in new and existing markets, integrates regulatory compliance content into existing systems, streamlines and reduces the cost of creating regulatory compliance documents and reports, and improves the quality of regulatory compliance reporting at small, mid-market and enterprise organizations.

As Chief Strategy Officer, my responsibilities included:

  • Be part of the leadership team providing growth, operational and technology strategy development to this rapidly growing software company in their next phase of development.
  • Overall responsibility and management for the continued development of a Software as a Service (SaaS) version of the Ithos Global software suite, including working with external and internal staff to develop architecture, specifications, resource allocation, pitch decks and funding requests to support its build and implementation.
  • Lead the charge to enhance the existing quality controls and processes around our comprehensive international regulatory content updates and additions.
  • Support the development of strategic materials, relationships and internal structures while leading the search for continued funding events and M&A activities.
  • Assist with activities and management of key accounts ensuring their delight with our products and services, and developing strategic roadmaps to focus on their future success.
  • Lead various strategic business development, marketing, technology, finance, legal, process, and operational activities.

Managing Partner
Fair Winds Strategies
October 2013 – Present

Fair Winds Strategies provides advisory, consulting and funding services to small and medium businesses. Other services include executive advisory, strategy, operations, marketing, finance, human resources, marketing, technology and additional business functions.

Chief Executive Officer
July 2014 – Present

Disaster.Com is a site focused on education, articles and community for individuals, responders, aid/relief workers, healthcare professionals, academia and researchers on topics such as preparedness, response, emergency management, technology and other areas. Share your voice by writing content or participating in our communities, and volunteer to help support the site (

Chief Innovation Ninja
Internet Marketing Ninjas
December 2011 – September 2013

Focused on operational and strategy innovation at a market leading, 100+ person Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization company.

  • Currently responsible for the Application Development, Creative/Web Design, Information Technology and Community Operations departments.
  • Implementing standards, operational policies and procedures to radically improve employee and departmental accountability, visibility, communications and scalability.
  • Developed multi-year strategic plan incorporating cost controls and strategy, including data center consolidation and enterprise wide application consolidation and user management
  • Converted the creative group from a cost center to a profit center
  • Working as part of a leadership team to develop long term strategies and innovations to ensure the organization continues to lead the industry and to improve EBITDA and profitability

Executive Vice President
D&D Consulting, Ltd.
December 2010 – June 2011

Post-transition of the D&D Consulting acquisition, my focus is on new market development, customer development and retention, product development and on M&A activities with our parent private equity holding company.

  • Analyze and develop programs to address new market segments enabling the delivery of cloud based services to various markets.
  • Identify strategic acquisition or investment targets and perform due diligence to understand their offerings, the opportunity they present, their industry, competition, investment requirements, investment return, marketing and sales, delivery, owner/management/employee details, specific company logistics (licenses, certifications, etc.), terms of sale, and various financial aspects

Executive Vice President
D&D Consulting, Ltd.
June 2010 – December 2011

D&D Consulting was acquired by a private equity firm with holdings in cloud computing and managed services. My initial focus was on transition, integration, product development and business development involving advanced technologies. Responsibilities included:

  • Architect new cloud, managed services and recurring revenue product and service offerings for D&D Consulting utilizing capabilities from our existing solution set and the solution sets of sister companies within the portfolio
  • Interface with employees, strategic customers, and partners to develop sales opportunities leveraging our existing and new advanced and emerging technology solution sets
  • Work with new management team to transition financial and human resource functions to existing portfolio companies of the acquirer

Chief Executive Officer
D&D Consulting, Ltd.
November 2009 – June 2010

During this time my primary role was to position D&D Consulting for acquisition.

  • Independently, and also utilizing M&A firms, identified organizations that could be considered a potential suitor of D&D. Developed relationships with these organizations and correctly positioned D&D as a strategic fit for acquisition
  • Developed business summaries and presentations highlighting strengths, skills, capabilities and performance of D&D
  • Developed financial statements, forecasts, cost analyses, utilization reports and other financial and operational documents for use in due diligence
  • Analyzed, proposed and negotiated deal structures with suitors

Chief Executive Officer
D&D Consulting, Ltd.
January 1992 – November 2009

In this role I established and grew a technology organization from no revenue and capital to near $10mm in top line revenue including $1.8mm in professional services. D&D Consulting focuses on providing IT solutions and consulting services to midsize and large government and private sector entities. Tasks performed on a regular basis include:

  • Set organizational strategy including company focus, product and service set and organizational structure
  • Develop and implement advanced and emerging technology solutions and capabilities within the D&D sales and engineering teams and promote these solutions to customers and partners
  • Manage day to day operations including financial oversight, executive leadership, decision making, service delivery, marketing and sales and other operational functions as required
  • Analyze financial performance and key performance indicators and adjust corporate approach as necessary to improve profitability, increase efficiency and ensure appropriate levels of expenditure
  • Develop and execute restructuring plans as necessary, inclusive of employees, partnerships, service offerings and fixed and variable expenditures
  • Develop and/or negotiate legal and financial contracts to support D&D business functions
  • Hire and manage an executive staff supporting each department of D&D Consulting
  • Represent D&D to local, national and trade press and events
  • Meet with strategic customers to promote D&D brand awareness and solutions
  • Meet with partners to maintain relationships and determine shared strategic goals
  • Maintain employee morale and retention through events such as “All-Hands Meetings”, team building exercises and other actions as appropriate


Board Chairman
Loyola Recovery Foundation
May 2015 – Present

Chair of the executive committee and board for this organization focused on delivering services around addiction crisis care, inpatient care, and recovery support services to veterans and others in need.

Board Member
Stealth Venture
April 2015 – Present

Provide advisory and strategic oversight to a New York based software startup.

Board Member
Stealth Venture
February 2015 – Present

Provide advisory and strategic oversight to a California based software startup.

Center for Economic Growth
November 2011

Worked as part of a team at CEG’s November Pre-Seed Workshop to provide business startup advisory services to an inventor. Assisted with the investigation and transformation of a potentially commercializable technology into a pre-seed company.

This included group facilitation and the development of a pre-seed plan incorporating product analysis, market analysis, product development, technology to market mapping, initial market definition, competitive analysis, value proposition development, supply chain analysis, profit mapping, revenue analysis, and organizational structure.

The program culminated with the presentation of developed materials to a panel involved with venture capital, intellectual property and startups.

Cloud Computing Committee Chair
New York State Forum
October 2010 – June 2011

Information Security Committee Chair
New York State Forum
October 2005 – October 2010



Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Management 1989 – 1990

Pace University

SUNY Albany

Awards and Honors

  • Inc 500 US Fastest Growing Companies (multiple times)
  • Speaker at 2007 RSA Conference
  • 40 under 40
  • NYS Forum Corporate Roundtable Excellence Award
  • 1NService “Outside the Box” award


Richard Frederick Founder at Eastern NY Angels (ENYA), Entrepreneur and Leader
I have known Chris for a number of years. He is a successful entrepreneur and business man. Over the years I have found him to be hardworking, dedicated and knowledgeable. He has a strong background in relationship building and understands how to get the job done. I would be happy to work with him in any capacity as he is a person you can count on to get the job done.
Jennifer Ruggieri, Business Development Manager Developer Shed (An Internet Marketing Ninjas Company)
Chris is an amazing guy to work for. He has strong leadership skills while still maintaining close relationships with his employees and colleagues, which motivates everyone to give 150%. He listens to his team’s ideas, comunicates directives effectively, and therefore executes projects in a timely and seamless fashion. His managerial skills are impeccable due to his superior organization and extensive knowledge and experience. He is always availabe to lend guidance or trouble shoot if needed as he truly has the “team” mentallity. I consider myself lucky to know him and work for him.
James Payne, Editor-In-Chief Developer Shed (An Internet Marketing Ninjas Company)
Chris came into our company when it was on a downward spiral – it was literally on the brink of collapse after years of neglect and lack of innovation. Within two days of meeting with our staff he helped put a plan and strategy together to breathe new life into the sites and communities, then over the course of the next year steadily guided us on a path out of the proverbial abyss, never veering from the end goal no matter what obstacles were tossed in our way.

As a project manager, Chris truly earned the title of “Chief Innovator”, helping to come up with solutions to virtually every roadblock we faced. He was always eager to listen to even the most minor detail and willing to work with you to bring the issue to resolution. He had a great vision for what our sites and community could be and at the same time always encouraged other ideas. He had the best qualities of both a project lead and a team player.

I learned a lot from Chris on many levels and will always be grateful for his tutelage. He leads by example, and on a personal level is a great guy. I would put Chris in charge of any business I owned in a heartbeat, sound in the knowledge that he would steer it to success

Joseph Esposito, Director of IT Internet Marketing Ninjas
I thoroughly enjoyed working so closely with Chris over the past few years. I can honestly say he served as my second mentor in my career. As a young manager of the IT group, I watched, listened, and learned from Chris as he reshaped the application development and web design groups into a process oriented, cohesive team. Finally I learned how to conduct meetings, interviews, and employee reviews from Chris.

I was happy to work with Chris as he shaped the process in which software is developed at IMN. He championed and implemented our ticketing and wiki systems which has provided much needed visibility into the development process for both the internal teams doing the work, and the departmental managers who are pushing for their projects.

Rachel Carbone (Dotey), Senior Application Developer Internet Marketing Ninjas
I think Chris’s most valuable management skill is his ability to manage expectations between the client and the development team. Chris is very knowledgeable about the software he produces so he is able to create well defined requirements and set realistic timelines on projects. This keeps everyone happy.

Additionally Chris encourages the team to try new technologies to find solutions to recurring issues. This not only improves the software but also the development process and the skills of team members.

Lastly Chris always wears a smile on his face and is the first to say “Happy Monday!” in a darkened room of under caffeinated programmers

Laura Eggleston, Senior Application Developer Internet Marketing Ninjas
Working for Chris was an absolute pleasure. He has amazing leadership skills, not just in making sure things get done, but in making people enjoy what they do and take pride in their work. I can confidently say that the development team at Internet Marketing Ninjas wasn’t a true “team” until he came along. His experience in technology has also made him the perfect candidate for managing a diverse technological team, and handling communication between that team and other areas of the company, while still keeping things organized, people happy and deadlines met.

In a nutshell, Chris is the perfect leader, innovator and motivator. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have worked for, and learned from him.

Janice Haney, Controller D&D Consulting, Ltd.
Chris is a true leader. His concern for his employees and the care he takes to keep people engaged is a refreshing trait in today’s business environment. His technical skills and concern for meeting customer needs are inspirational. He has customers that worked with him for close to 20 years, and a loyal following for satisfied IT professionals. During the 5 years I worked for and with Chris, I appreciated the diverse talents he brings to the office. His understanding of business and financials served him well during times for difficult decisions.
Greg Benson, Former Executive Director New York State Forum
Christopher is a natural leader who possesses the rare combination of innovation, ability to develop consensus, and the drive to achieve objectives with outstanding results. His work as the Chair of The NYS Forum’s Security Committee was exemplary. Under his leadership a strong and mutually beneficial relationship was developed and maintained with the NYS Office of Cyber Security. As a consequence, a number of innovative programs were undertaken in partnership with The NYS Forum including what became a national cyber security monthly webcast series supported by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. As testimony to his leadership and the respect of his peers Christopher was one of the initial recipients of The NYS Forum’s Annual IT Corporate Roundtable Award for Excellence.
Peter Gonczlik, Sr. Technology Transfer Associate University at Albany
I worked with Chris at a CEG Pre-Seed Workshop to help one of my faculty researchers write a startup business plan. He brought great energy and intensity to the process that was clearly visible in the final product. Also, having already started and sold a successful high tech business he’s provided useful insights and feedback to would be entrepreneurs in a down-to-earth and constuctive way.
Bryan Spinner, Security Consultant D&D Consulting, Ltd.
Chris is great leader, motivator, visionary and just a great person. Chris has always led the vision and direction of D&D. He is very forward thinking and analytical. Unlike many organizations Chris always made sure to put the customer first, always made tough situations right by the customer and gained unparalleled loyalty from his customers for it. Many customers were not just business transaction but friends of D&D and Chris after many years of successful business. Chris has the innate ability to motivate. His personality lends naturally to it and he brings everyone along with him. He is a genuinely great person who cares for each employee. I never had a CEO or supervisor care so much about my personal well being and that of my family and he gained incredible loyalty from those who worked for him.
Barry Pardee, Senior Account Manager D&D Consulting, Ltd.
Chris is a great person and a great leader. He is always genuinely concerned for his employees and customers. His brilliance, business acumen and customer skills are some of the reasons why his customers have been loyal to him for decades. During the 5 years I worked for Chris, I came to understand how he created and grew such a well respected and admired organization. Chris hired the best-of-the-best and allowed them to flourish, while gently leading them in the right direction.
Gavin Cooper, Marketing Manager D&D Consulting, Ltd.
Do I need to repeat other recommendations to reinforce this accurate picture of Chris? I don’t think so. Chris is a cut above your average technology leader and a genuinely all round nice guy. He should have pragmatic technology visionary tattooed across his forehead.
Jo Miller, Director Partner Relations 1NService
I worked with Chris during his tenure as CEO at D&D Consulting. Chris showed a great interest in teaming and developing best practices with like-minded companies. There were many times that Chris took leadership positions to run special interest groups within 1nServce. The entire group would benefit from these efforts.


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